Accessible Wicking Bed


Designed with the help of both disability advocates and community groups, this wicking bed is truly
wheelchair accessible. With a height of 820mm (customisable on order), it allows wheelchair users
to garden in comfort with no twisting, bending or reaching.
Designed and manufactured in the Adelaide Hills from sustainably sourced, plantation pine (eco-



External dimensions – 1370 x 910 x 860mm (length x width x height)
The V design of the bed allows wheelchair users to get under the sides so the soil is right in front of
them ensuring a comfortable gardening experience. We’ve taken extra care to smooth all the
accessible timber surfaces. The overflow pipe is at one end of the bed, so no water leaks on to your
lap whilst you’re gardening. The bed has a 2-stage lining system incorporating a WaterUps® Oasis
liner with 3 WaterUps® wicking cells giving a water reservoir of ~60L.
The beds come fully lined and include the required perlite. Just add soil; we use and recommend the
BioGro Premium Wicking mix and this bed requires 8 x 30L bags. If you order the additional soil, we
can add this to the bed on delivery, so it is ready to be planted.