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Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegies but don’t know where to start? Limited by space? Want to go away on holidays and not have to worry about watering the garden? A raised wicking garden bed could be the answer.

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What Is A Wicking Bed?

Wicking garden beds are essentially self-watering pots which come in a variety of sizes. Plants in a wicking bed can last weeks without additional watering. Apart from the benefit of reduced frequency of watering, there is an increase in growth rate and productivity due to the consistent amount water in the soil.

A wicking bed is a self-watering bed with a reservoir of water under the soil. Wicking is the movement of water by capillary action without the assistance of gravity. In a gardening or horticultural context, it is the upward movement of water through soil, giving plants the ability to absorb water from below.

Raised Garden Beds

Our garden beds are the perfect height to stand and garden in comfort. You don’t need to bend over or kneel to plant, harvest or weed your garden. Our timber beds range from the 500mm high ‘Patio’ model, up to the 900mm high ‘Tall’ model.

Adelaide Hills Vegie Gardens use WaterUps® wicking cells which are;
• Australian made from recycled, food-grade plastic
• Modular and scalable so they can be used in small, medium, and large growing spaces
• Easier to install than traditional scoria/gravel beds
• Can be used to convert existing raised garden beds into wicking beds

Environmentally Friendly

Our timber garden beds are built using new, untreated, solid pine and will last years. The timber comes from sustainably grown pine plantations in South Australia.

As of 2022, we now offer our beds in an eco-treated pine. This uses a copper based treatment and should last 10+ years. We DO NOT use permapine aka CCA which contains copper, chromium and arsenic. Note that our beds are fully lined so the timber is not in contact with the soil or water.

The WaterUps® wicking cells and the Biofilta Foodcube are made from recycled plastic and are designed and manufactured in Australia. All the liners and pipes used are food safe.

What We Can Do For You

We supply garden beds and a DIY wicking conversion kit to enable you to build your own raised, wicking garden bed or we can install the wicking beds for you.  The WaterUp wicking cells can be installed in a wide range of garden beds, give us a call to find out how.

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