About Adelaide Hills Vegie Gardens

Adelaide Hills Vegie Gardens started in late 2015. In the beginning it was a hobby business on the weekends whilst Mark worked full time as a Research Scientist. In 2017 Mark left the world of research and took the business more seriously whilst also completing studies in Horticulture.

This business combines Mark’s passion for gardening, years of experience growing food, formal qualification in Horticulture and a love of science.

In 2022, Mark was joined by a carpenter, Ryan, to manufacture all the timber beds in house and expand the range. Ryan is not just a carpenter, he is an all-round tradie and bringing him on board has increased the scope of works capable by us. We can incorporate landscaping into the vegie patch, build larger structures including trellises, arches, benches and more.

In October 2023, Claire came on board to take on all the administrative side of the business. It’s Claire’s voice you’ll hear on the phone

Contact us to arrange supply and/or installation of our range of garden beds or talk to us about your unique project.

Photo: L-R Ryan, Claire, Mark

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