About Adelaide Hills Vegie Gardens

Hi, I’m Mark. I started Adelaide Hills Vegie Gardens a little over 3 years ago. In the beginning it was a hobby business on the weekends whilst I worked full time as a Research Scientist. 18 months ago I left the world of research and took the business more seriously whilst also completing studies in Horticulture.

As a Research Scientist I worked in a range of fields including molecular electronics, anti-cancer drug development, environmental contamination, defence and wine here in Adelaide, interstate and overseas. This was preceded by 9 years at university resulting in a PhD in Chemistry.

This business combines my passion for gardening, my years of experience growing food, my formal qualification in Horticulture and my love of science.

I grow food for one simple reason, I love to cook. There is no better produce to cook with than something fresh and you can’t get any fresher than growing it yourself.

I have 2 wonderful kids (and an amazing partner) who I love teaching about where their food comes from. I grew up with a large backyard with a big vegie patch and orchard. The pantry was always packed with preserving jars full of excess homegrown produce and I’m now doing the same.

In addition to being a gardener, I’m a keen cook, baker, brewer, coffee roaster, CFS volunteer, Santa imposter.

I love sharing this passion with others which is how this business started and it is front and centre in my thinking as the business grows.

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