WaterUps® Sub-Irrigation Channel – Extension Kit


The new Sub-Irrigation Channel [‘SIC’] WaterUps® wicking system makes the installation of larger wicking systems very easy and cost effective.

The new WaterUps® Sub-Irrigation Channel [‘SIC’] is a complete modular wicking system that contains waterproof reservoir chambers, which eliminate the need for pond liners. Each channel contains 3 WaterUps® wicking cells and can be inter-connected to form long rows. The SIC Extension Kit is used to extend an existing SIC or must be bought as an add on to the SIC Basic Kit. The Basis kit includes:-

1 x WaterUps® Channel
3 x WaterUps® wicking cells
1 x Nut

Dimensions: 1340 x 470 x 160mm
Weight: 6.2kgs

IMPORTANT: This product is to be purchased as an addition to the Basic Kit to enable you to extend the length of the channel.