WaterUps® Sub-Irrigation Channel – Basic Kit


The new Sub-Irrigation Channel [‘SIC’] WaterUps® wicking system makes the installation of larger wicking systems very easy and cost effective.

The new WaterUps® Sub-Irrigation Channel [‘SIC’] is a complete modular wicking system that contains waterproof reservoir chambers, which eliminate the need for pond liners. Each channel contains 3 WaterUps® wicking cells and can be inter-connected to form long rows.

The SIC can be used to convert existing raised beds and planters into fully functioning wicking beds. They can also be used to form in-ground wicking beds and be used for irrigation behind retaining walls.

The Basis kit includes:-
1 x WaterUps® Channel
3 x WaterUps® wicking cells
1 x End cap
1 x Spigot
1 x Nut
1 x Inlet pipe

Dimensions: 1340 x 470 x 160mm
Weight: 7.2kgs

When installing you will need to drill out the plastic currently sealing the overflow hole – refer image below