WaterUps® Square Planter


The WaterUps® square planter is a modular planter system that can be used as a stand-alone planter or as part of a larger display.

Made in Australia from “post consumer” re-cycled polypropylene, your purchase will help divert plastic from landfill. It’s ideal for small space gardening, balconies, garden edging and similar areas. Available in 3 colours; Monument, Light Grey and Sandstone.

The in-built reservoir provides a low maintenance and sustainable watering supply to help your plants stay happy and healthy.

As the planter uses a fraction of the water compared to an above watered pot it can be left for extended periods without the need to re-water.

Grow herbs, vegies or add some colour to your garden with ornamentals – you can even grow small shrubs and bushes in this stylish and functional planter.

The WaterUps® Square Planter is for people looking to grow herbs or leafy greens on the balcony or those wanting to add some colour with ornamental plantings.

Our Square Planter is manufactured in Australia from recycled polypropylene and use the same WaterUps® wicking system. Even for a small planter, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a fully fledged wicking system.

External – 480(L) x 480(W) x 430(H)

Included in square planter kit:

Planter base
WaterUps® wicking cell
Inlet pipe
Overflow pipe

You will need 30L of good quality soil to fill the planter.


WaterUps® Square Planter Assembly Instructions
1. Check the position of the overflow hole in the planter base
2 . Place the short screw overflow pipe in the matching position on the underside of the WaterUps® wicking cell and click into position
3. Cut out the circle for the inlet pipe with a knife and click the inlet pipe into position
4. Place the WaterUps® wicking cell into the planter base, add washer and screw on nut
5. Add the perlite to the 4 wicks in the WaterUps® wicking cell then add soil